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Development of a silicon based polarimeter for the low energy prototype proton EDM ring
Authors: J. Gooding et al.
An Ultraweak Focusing Proton EDM Storage Ring
Authors: Richard Talman
Spin Evolution and Decoherence
Authors: Richard Talman
Authors: Richard Talman
Stern-Gerlach Electron De ection Beamline Design
Authors: Richard Talman
Split-Cylinder Resonant Electron Polarimeter
Authors: Richard Talman
Electric Dipole Moments of the Atoms, Molecules, Nuclei and Particles
Authors: Timothy Chupp, Peter Fierlinger, Michael Ramsey-Musolf, Jaideep Singh
A Storage Ring Experiment to Detect a Proton Electric Dipole Moment
Authors: V. Anastassopoulos et al. (srEDM collaboration)
Analyzing powers for the inclusive reaction of deuterons on carbon at energies between 0.175 and 1.6 GeV (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 404 (1998) 119)
Authors: V. P. Ladygin, E. Tomasi-Gustafssona, J. Ball, L. Bimbot, Y. Bisson, M. Boivin, J.L. Boyard, N.E. Cheung, Ph. Courta, R. Gacougnolle, T. Hennino, M.K. Jones, R.A. Kunne, C.F. Perdrisat, N.M. Piskunov, V. Punjabi, I.M. Sitnik, R. Skowron, E.A. Strokovsky, P. Zupranski
Calibration of the polarimeter POMME at proton energies between 1.05 and 2.4 GeV
Authors: N.E. Cheung, C.F. Perdrisat, J. Oh, K. Beard, V. Punjabi, J. Yonnet, Beurtey, M. Boivin, F. Plouin, E. Tomasi-Gustafsson, A. Boudard, R. Abegg, Ladygin, L. Penchev, N. Piskunov, I. Sitnik, E.A. Strokovsky, S. Belostotsky, V. Vikhrov, R. Frascaria, B. Johnson, R. Siebert, E. Warde, W.W. Jacobs, W.T.H. van Oers, C. Lippert, S. Nanda

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Accelerator Physics

The phase slip factor of the electrostatic cryogenic storage ring CSR
Authors: Manfred Grieser, Robert von Hahn, Stephen Vogel, Andreas Wolf
Electrostatic deflectors and dispersion suppressors: Their formulation and application to a storage ring
Authors: Masahiro Ikegami, Yoshihisa Iwashita, Hikaru Souda, Mikio Tanabe, and Akira Noda
Heavy ion storage ring without linear dispersion
Authors: Masahiro Ikegami, Akira Noda, Mikio Tanabe, Manfred Grieser, Hiromi Okamoto

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Beam diagnostics

Quasi-isochronous experiments with the Super-ACO storage ring
Authors: A. Nadji
CERN Accelerator School: Beam Diagnostics
Authors: D. Brandt (editor)

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The cryogenic storage ring CSR
Authors: R. von Hahn et al.
ASYMMETRIC ENERGY COLLIDING ION BEAMS IN THE EDM STORAGE RING (Contribution to the 4th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC13 , Shanghai, China,12 - 17 May, 2013)
Authors: I.A. Koop
Correcting systematic errors in high-sensitivity deuteron polarization measurements
Authors: N.P.M. Brantjes, V. Dzordzhadze, R. Gebel, F. Gonnella, F.E. Gray, D.J. van der Hoek, A. Imig, W.L. Kruithof, D.M. Lazarus, A. Lehrach, B. Lorentz, R. Messi, D. Moricciani, W.M. Morse, G.A. Noid, C.J.G. Onderwater, C.S. Özben, D. Prasuhn, P. Levi Sandri, Y.K. Semertzidis, M. da Silva e Silva, et al.
Precursor experiments to search for permanent electric dipole moments (EDMs) of protons and deuterons at COSY (STORI'11 proceedings)
Authors: F. Rathmann, N. Nikolaev
The double electrostatic ion ring experiment: A unique cryogenic electrostatic storage ring for merged ion-beams studies
Authors: R. D. Thomas, H. T. Schmidt, G. Andler, M. Björkhage, M. Blom, L. Brännholm, E. Bäckström, H. Danared, S. Das, N. Haag, P. Halldén, F. Hellberg, A. I. S. Holm, H. A. B. Johansson, A. Källberg, G. Källersjö, M. Larsson, S. Leontein, L. Liljeby, P. Löfgren, B. Malm, S. Mannervik, M. Masuda, D. Misra, A. Orbán, A. Paál, P. Reinhed, K.-G. Rensfelt, S. Rosén, K. Schmidt, F. Seitz, A. Simonsson, J. Weimer, H. Zettergren, and H. Cederquist
Laser compton proton polarimetry revisited
Authors: Arnold Stillman
Cavity BPM designs, related electronics and measured performances
Authors: Dirk Lipka, MDI, DESY
A derivation of the errors for least squares fitting to time series data (Delta Scuti Star Newsletter 13, 28 (1999).)
Authors: M. H. Montgomery and D. Odonoghue
Diagonal scaling and the analysis of polarization experiments in nuclear physics
Authors: H. O. Meyer
Laser compton polarimetry of proton beams
Authors: Arnold Stillman,*
Magnetic field fluctuations arising from thermal motion of electric charge in conductors
Authors: T. Varpula and T. Poutanen
Some Experimental Aspects Of The Use Of Polarized Beams (Paper published in: Proc. of the 2nd Int. Symposium on Polarization Phenomena of Nucleons, Karlsruhe 1965; ed. P. Huber and H. Schopper; (1965) 280.)
Authors: R.C. Hanna
Evaluation of niobium as candidate electrode material for dc high voltage photoelectron guns
Authors: M. BastaniNejad, Md. Abdullah Mohamed, A.A. Elmustafa, P. Adderley, J. Clark, S. Covert, J. Hansknecht, C. Hernandez-Garcia, M. Poelker, R. Mammei, and K. Surles-Law

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muon g–2 and EDM experiments

Corrections for a constant radial magnetic field in the muon g–2 and electric-dipole-moment experiments in storage rings
Authors: Alexander J Silenko

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Absolute calibration and beam background of the squid polarimeter
Authors: M.M. Blaskiewicz et al.
Squids, snakes, and polarimeters: A new technique for measuring the magnetic moments of polarized beams
Authors: P.R. Cameron et al.

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Renormalization Group Running of Dimension-Six Sources of Parity and Time-Reversal Violation (arXiv:1303.3156)
Authors: W. Dekens, J. de Vries
Spin response formalism in circular accelerators
Authors: V.I. Ptitsyn, Yu.M.Shatunov, S.R.Mane
Spin-polarized charged particle beams in high-energy accelerators (Rep. Prog. Phys. 68 (2005) 1997–2265, doi:10.1088/0034-4885/68/9/R01)
Authors: S.R. Mane, Yu.M. Shatunov, and K. Yokoya
Nuclear electric dipole moments at ion storage rings
Authors: I.B. Khriplovich
Feasibility of search for nuclear electric dipole moments at ion storage rings
Authors: I.B. Khriplovich

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