Theses currently in progress

Doctoral thesis

Ze Chen - IBD cut selection in the JUNO experiment with real data experiment

Ujwal Konissery Santhosh - Solar neutrino studies in the JUNO experiment

Marco Malabarba - Solar neutrino spectroscopy with the JUNO experiment

Cristobal Ignacio Morales Reveco - The JUNO Experiment: Physics potential and first data analysis

Apeksha Singhal - Solar neutrinos and next generation neutrino experiments

Luca Pelicci - Measurements of astrophysical neutrinos and neutrino properties in liquid scintillators

Mariam Rifai - Reconstruction in large volumes of liquid scintillator (shared supervision with Lu Xianguo)

Runxuan Liu - The event builder of the OSIRIS experiment

Cornelius Vollbrecht - Hardware development and data analysis for the JUNO and OSIRIS detectors

Michaela Schever - Towards the energy estimators and pulse shape variables in JUNO experiment

Past theses from the group

Doctoral thesis

Alexandre Göttel - Solar neutrino detection: CNO discovery with Borexino and preparations for success in JUNO and OSIRIS (2022)

Sindhujha Kumaran - Geoneutrinos and Solar neutrinos with the Borexino experiment (2022)

Ömer Penek - Measurement of pp and CNO Cycle Solar Neutrinos with Borexino (2021)

Yu Xu - Machine learning application in low energy liquid scintillator neutrino experiment (2020)

Philipp Kampmann - Energy scale non-linearity and event reconstruction for the neutrino mass ordering measurement of the JUNO experiment (2020)

Mariia Redchuk - Looking inside the Sun with the Borexino experiment: detection of solar neutrinos from the proton-proton chain and the CNO cycle (2020)

Christoph Genster - Software and hardware development for the next-generation liquid scintillator detectors JUNO and OSIRIS (2020)

Master thesis

Antonia Weßel - Directionality measurement of solar neutrinos CNO solar neutrino analysis with Borexino (2022)

Anita Meraviglia - Sensitivity to 7Be, pep and CNO solar neutrinos detection with the JUNO experiment (2021)

Apeksha Singhal - Observation of CNO solar neutrinos with the Borexino Experiment (2020)

Sale-Iti Kroon - Towards CNO measurement with Borexino: 210-Bismuth homogeneity in the liquid scintillator (2019)

Sindhujha Kumaran - Updated Geoneutrino Measurement with the Borexino Detector (2018)

Rikhav Shah - Studies on the Trigger Configuration for the JUNO experiment (2018)

Bachelor thesis

Lukas Brusa - CNO solar neutrino analysis with Borexino (2021).

Lars Ebsen - Study of track direction reconstruction in liquid scintillator detector (2018)