Theses from the group

Sindhujha Kumaran - Master Thesis - "Updated Geoneutrino Measurement with the Borexino Detector"

Rikhav Shah - Master Thesis - "Studies on the Trigger Configuration for the JUNO experiment"

Lars Ebsen - Bachelor Thesis: Study of track direction reconstruction in liquid scintillator detector

Theses currently in progress

The Low Level Data Reconstruction Algorithms for the JUNO Experiment (Christoph Genster)

Towards the energy estimators and pulse shape variables in JUNO experiment (Michaela Schever)

Studies of pp-chain solar neutrinos with the Borexino detector(Mariia Redchuk)

Borexino sensitivity studies towards CNO solar neutrinos (Ă–mer Penek)

Physics potential of the JUNO experiment (Philipp Kampmann)

Event Reconstruction with Deep Learning Method in JUNO (Yu Xu)

Update of the geoneutrino measurement with the Borexino detector (Dong Han)

Topics available for Bachelor and Master theses at IKP-2

  • Waveform reconstruction for the JUNO experiment (BSc)
  • Muon reconstruction algorithm (MSc)
  • Sensitivity studies of the OSIRIS pre-detector on contaminations of the liquid scintillator for the JUNO experiment (MSc)
  • Analysis of solar neutrinos from the pp-fusion cycle using 10 years of data (BSc/MSc)
  • Borexino discovery potential of solar neutrinos from the CNO-fusion cycle (BSc/MSc)
  • Data Analysis towards the measurement of solar neutrinos from the CNO-fusion cycle (BSc/MSc)