Mariam Rifai M.Sc.

Mariam Rifai M.Sc.
  • PhD student, joined September 2020
  • Thesis Title: Reconstruction and Physics potential of a large volume liquid scintillator

  • Phone: +49 2461 61 4735
  • E-mail:


  • JUNO’s main physics goal is the determination of neutrino mass ordering (NMO) from reactor neutrinos.
  • Atmospheric neutrinos provide additional independent sensitivity to NMO via oscillation in matter.
  • Combining reactor and atmospheric neutrino oscillations has the potential to maximize JUNO’s total sensitivity.
  • My contribution to the atmospheric neutrino analysis

    • Reconstruction of atmospheric neutrino events with JUNO: energy and directionality in a liquid scintillator (LS) detector
      Application in JUNO of topological track reconstruction of light emitted by the particles, based on B.S. Wonsak et al 2018 JINST 13 P0700"
      Collaboration with Marta Colomer Molla from Brussel group
    • Generator: GIBUU - transport model (Germany Based)
      Build an atmospheric spectrum model for JUNO with GiBUU.
      Compare the performance of GiBUU to that of another generator model, such as GENIE
      Implementing GiBUU generator in the official JUNO software
      Physics validation of the model based on the transverse kinematic imbalance (TKI) variables, using MINERvA measurements.
      Officially supervised by X.Lu from Warwick univeristy
    • Researching JUNO's sensitivity to atmospheric neutrinos
      Collaboration with Amina Khatun from Bratislava group

    Reconstruction software of JUNO

    • Improve the resolution of MeV events by handling the dark noise and optimizing the selection of the time window




    • International Workshop on Multi-messenger Tomography of the Earth - July 4-7,2023 -Paris, France
      Invited talk: JUNO's Prospects for atmospheric neutrinos
    • 34th Rencontres de Blois on paricles physics and cosmology - May 14-19,2023 -Blois, France
      Parallel talk: Exploring neutrinos with the JUNO experiment: from MeV to GeV energy scale with unprecedented precision
    • DPG Spring Meeting 2023 - 20-24 March, 2023 -Dresden, Germany
      Parallel talk: Atmospheric neutrinos reconstruction for the neutrino mass ordering measurement of JUNO.
    • IKP seminar: "Future prospects for Neutrino Mass Ordering measurement with atmospheric neutrinos in JUNO" -June 13, 2022 -Juelich,Germany
    • DPG-Spring meeting - March 21-25,2022 (Online) - heidelberg,Germany
      Parallel talk: Event reconstruction for the neutrino mass ordering measurement of JUNO.
    • DPG-Spring meeting - March 15-19,2021 (Online) - Dortmund,Germany
      Parallel talk: Reconstruction of atmospheric neutrino events with JUNO, M.Rifai et al., atmospheric neutrinos reconstutcion.


    • Matter and Universe 2023 day - September 14th-15th - KIT, Germany
      M.Rifai - JUNO NMO’s sensitivity
    • Physics in Collision 2022, PIC conference - Sept 5th-9th, 2022 -Tbilisi, Georgia
      M.Rifai -Physics Prospects of the JUNO Experiment, Poster.
    • The XXX International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics(Neutrino 2022) - May 30-June 4, 2022 -Seoul, South Korea
      M.Rifai -Atmospheric neutrino physics in JUNO: reconstruction of GeV interactions, Reconstruction of GeV interaction.
      Selected as the best poster in its category.

    Summer schools

    • INFN School of Statistics 2022 - May 15–20,2022 -Paestum, Italy
    • The 1st INFN International School on Underground Physics (SoUP 2021), Virtual: 28 June - 2 July, 2021
      Poster: Reconstruction of atmospheric neutrinos in JUNO


    • M.Sc. in Subatomic and Astroparticle Physics
      Strasbourg University
      Master Thesis: Testing the NMO with the JUNO detector via atmospheric and reactor neutrinos.

    • B.Sc. in Physics
      Lebanese University