Apeksha Singhal M.Sc.

Apeksha Singhal M.Sc.
  • PhD student, joined November 2019 (as a master student)
  • Thesis Title: Solar neutrinos and next generation neutrino experiments

  • Phone: +49 2461 61 4123
  • E-mail: apeksha.singhal_AT_rwth-aachen.de


Research Activity

CNO cycle solar neutrinos

My work concentrates towards systematic corrections for 11C and 210Po energy scale for possible CNO solar neutrinos measurement without 210Bi constraint. This work is the continuation of my Master's thesis. During my Master's thesis, I also worked towards optimisation of Monte Carlo simulation in order to prepare simulated 210Po data specifically used for CNO analysis and determination of 210Bi constraint parameters such as beta leakage and efficiency of MLP discrimination method on 210Po data.

Directionality of Be-7 neutrinos

It is seen that in Borexino, the directionality of Be-7 neutrinos can be measured using first few hits due to Cherenkov light emission from an event. My work regarding this analysis includes the study of behaviour of backgrounds using 11C and 210Po data and the toy simulation.

Selected publications

  • M. Agostini et al. (Borexino Collaboration), "Experimental evidence of neutrinos produced in the CNO fusion cycle in the Sun", Nature 587, p 577–582(2020)
  • Selected Events

  • DPG Spring Meeting 2021, Dortmund, Germany: 15-19 March, 2021:
    Parallel talk: Strategy used in CNO solar neutrinos analysis with the Borexino Experiment