Runxuan Liu M.Sc.

Runxuan Liu M.Sc.
  • PhD student, joined August 2019
  • Thesis Title: Neutrino physics with JUNO: setup of the OSIRIS pre-detector and data analysis
  • Also known as Ricky

  • Phone: +49 2461 61 4735
  • E-mail:


  • M.Sc. in Physics
    Brown University
    Research topic: Boron-8 neutrino signals sensitivity in the LUX-Zeplin dark matter detector.
  • B.Sc. in Physics
    Beijing Normal University
    Bachelor Thesis: Electromagnetic field of a point charge in de Siite spacetime.
  • B.Sc, in Mathematics
    Beijing Normal University
    Bachelor Thesis: On the theory of real numbers of N. Bourbaki.

Main work

    Development of event builder for OSIRIS experiment, focus on trigger parameters optimization.

Selected events

  • LXXI International conference (NUCLEUS 2021) Nuclear physics and elementary particle physics St. Petersburg, Russia (Online), September 2021
  • Presentation: OSIRIS – An online scintillator radiopurity monitoring pre-detector of JUNO
  • DPG Spring Meeting Dortmund, Germany (Online), March 2021
  • Presentation: Software Trigger Optimization for the OSIRIS Pre-detector of JUNO
  • XIX International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes Padova/ Venice, Italy (Online), February 2021
  • Presentation: JUNO OSIRIS Online Trigger

Selected publications