ANKE Collaboration

Apparatus for Studies of Nucleon and KaonEjectiles

Articles for the IKP annual report 2010

Highlights of IKP (April/2011 )
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Articles about the ANKE activity for the main part:
Study of the pn->{pp}spi- reaction near the threshold at ANKE
Vector analyzing power of the pp->{pp}spi0 reaction at intermediate energies at ANKE/COSY
Formation of the 1S0 diproton in the reaction pp->{pp}spi0 in the Delta isobar region
The eta-meson mass determination with ANKE at COSY
Investigation of the He3-eta final state in dp-collisions
Coherent production of pion pairs in the reaction pd->pdpipi
Analysing power of pd-> 3Hpi+ and pd-> 3Hepi0 at Tp=353 MeV measured at ANKE-COSY
Identification of the pn->domega reaction at ANKE
Recent results from the charge-exchange breakup reaction dp->{pp}s+n study at ANKE
Analysis of the pd -> pp(STT) + X reaction at 353 MeV using ANKE STT's
Neural Network application for proton kinetic energy reconstruction in ANKE STT's
Double-polarized fusion

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