ANKE Collaboration

Apparatus for Studies of Nucleon and KaonEjectiles

Articles for the IKP annual report 2000

Status report ANKE (final)
First results on the subthreshold K+ meson production at ANKE (final)
Comparison of first results on K+ production at ANKE with model calculations (final)
Measurement of ... and estimation of the singlet/triplet ratio in the reaction pp -> pn pi+... (final)
Luminosity determination at ANKE via the reaction pp -> d pi+ (final)
Binary process registration in the forward scintillation hodoscope at ANKE (final)
Momentum dependent efficiency of the forward Cerenkov counters at ANKE (final)
Simulations of the inclined Cerenkov detectors for p-d separation in forward direction at ANKE (final)
Methods to determine drift characteristics of the ANKE drift chambers (final)
Meson production on a neutron target at ANKE (final)
Combined spectator and vertex detection at ANKE (final)
Determination of particle momenta from TOF measurements for ANKE (final)
Reconstruction of ejectile momenta in ANKE experiments (final)
Planned measurement of the branching ratio a0+ -> pi+ eta/K+K0 with ANKE. (final)
Non-resonant pi+eta production in the reaction pp -> dX ... (final)
Production of a0+ mesons in the reaction pp -> d a0+ (final)
The polarized internal gas target for ANKE - Status and future developments (final)
Status of the pellet-target preparation for ANKE (final)
Test of the HAMAMATSU R5505 fine-mesh phototube in magnetic fields (final)
Deuteron breakup pd -> pnp and short-range NN interaction (final)
Near-threshold omega and phi production in pp and pd collisions ... (final)
Studying the omega properties in pA collisions via the omega -> pi0 gamma decay (final)
Medium effects in the production and pi-eta decay of omega mesons ... (final)
a0(980)-f0(980) mixing and isospin violation ... (final)
Planned study of hypertriton production in the reaction pd -> 3HeLambdaK+ at ANKE (final)
Measurement of the photon response of PbWO4 and CeF3 below 1 GeV (final)

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