ANKE Collaboration

Apparatus for Studies of Nucleon and KaonEjectiles

Articles for the IKP annual report 2005

Highlights IKP (DRAFT, 03/03/2006, 2.0 MB)
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Final articles about the ANKE for the main part (complete list !)

The Polarized Internal Target at ANKE
Storage cell tests and commissioning of the Polarized Internal Target
Development of a method to determine the polarization of the ANKE storage cell target
Productions of phi-mesons in pp collisions close to threshold
Tensor analysing power measurement in Charge-Exchange reaction d(pol)p ->(pp)n
Production of the 1S0 diproton in the pp -> pp pi0 reaction at 0.8 GeV
Evidence for an excited hyperon Y0*(1480)
Investigation of the a0(980) resonances in the reaction pp -> d K+ K0 with ANKE
ANKE Acceptance for the reaction pp -> dK+K0
Final results of the first dd -> 4He eta measurement at ANKE
Near threshold pion production in dd -> 3H N pi and dd -> 3He N pi
Analysis of pp -> pK0pi+ Lambda at ANKE
K+ production on proton and deuteron targets
The K- 3He scattering lenght and the reaction pd -> 3He K+K- near threshold
Investigation of the 3He eta final state in dp-reactions at ANKE
Study of the multi pion production in dp -> 3He N pi close to the eta production threshold at ANKE
The reaction dp -> 3He pi0 close to the eta production threshold at ANKE
Investigation of the reaction d(pol)+p -> 3He+eta at ANKE
Search for transition region in exclusive reactions with high pT at COSY energies
First results of analysis of the deuteron break-up reaction dp --> ppn with detection of low relative energy proton pairs in the Side Detector of ANKE
Installation of an electrolytical deuterium generator for the cluster targets at COSY
Status of the pellet target for the WASA@COSY experiment
Investigation of pellet parameters with the Moscow-Juelich Pellet Target
Design status of the Antiproton Polarizer Ring
Event rate estimates for the Spin Filtering experiment at the AD-ring of CERN
Parametrisation of the silicon-detector temperature
Measurement of drifttime and signalform in a 5mm Si(Li)-detector
COSY vacuum-break detection to protect the ANKE Silicon Tracking Telescopes
Serial check of micron Silicon Strip Detectors
Absolute energy callibration of micron detectors for the ANKE Silicon Tracking Telescopes
Timing performance of the ANKE Silicon Tracking Telescopes

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