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  • "Total and differential cross sections of the dp--> 3He eta reaction at excess energies between 1 and 15 MeV"
    C. Fritzsch et al., (pdf file, 1790 kB) PRC 102, 044004 (30 October, 2020)
  • "Measurement of the analyzing powers in (pol)pd elastic and (pol)pn quasi-elastic scattering at small angles "
    S. Barsov et al., (pdf file, 375 kB) Eur. phys. J. A 54, 225 (December, 2018)
  • "Experimental and theoretical study of deuteron-proton elastic scattering for proton kinetic energies between Tp=882.2 MeV and Tp=918.3 MeV"
    C. Fritzsch et al., (pdf file, 685 kB) Phys. Lett. B 784, 277 (2018)
  • "Deuteron analysing powers in deuteron-proton elastic scattering at 1.2 and 2.27 GeV"
    D. Mchedlishvili et al., (pdf file, 158 kB) Nuclear Physics A 977, 14-22 (2018)
  • "Resonance-like coherent production of a pion pair in the reaction pd-->pd pipi in the GeV region"
    V. Komarov et al., (pdf file, 1530 kB) Eur. Phys. J. A 54, 206 (2018)
  • "Medium effects in ΛK+ pair production by 2.83 GeV protons on nuclei"
    E. Paryev, M. Hartmann, Yu. Kiselev (pdf file, 449 kB) Chinese Physics C Vol. 41, No. 12, 124108 (2017)
  • "The legacy of the experimental hadron physics programme at COSY"
    Colin Wilkin (pdf file, 4617 kB) Eur. phys. J. A 53, 114 (2017)
  • "Coherent pion production in proton-proton collisions"
    S. Dymov et al., (pdf file, 557 kB) Phys. Lett. B 762, 102 (2016)
  • "Evidence for excitation of two resonance states in the isovector two-baryon system with a mass of 2.2 GeV/c^2"
    V. Komarov et al., (pdf file, 466 kB) Phys. Rev C 93, 065206 (2016)
  • "Measurement of the absolute differential cross section of pp elastic scattering at small angles"
    D. Mchedlishvili et al., (pdf file, 406 kB) Phys. Lett. B 755, 92-96, (2016)
  • "Kaon pair production in proton-nucleus collisions"
    Yu. Kiselev et al., (pdf file, 194 kB) Phys. Rev. C 92, 065201 (2015)
  • "Observation of isovector dibaryon resonance-like states with a mass of 2.2 GeV/c^2"
    V. Komarov et al., (pdf file, 340 kB) Submitted in PRL on 2-nd of September (2015)
  • "Non-resonant kaon pair production and medium effects in proton–nucleus collisions"
    E. Paryev, M. Hartmann and Yu. Kiselev, (pdf file, 1017 kB) J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 42, 075107 (2015)
  • "Analysing powers and spin correlations in deuteron-proton charge exchange at 726 MeV"
    S.Dymov et al., (pdf file, 298 kB) Phys. Lett. B 744, 391 (2015)
  • "Study of the pd(pol)->n{pp} charge-exchange reaction using a polarised deuterium target"
    B.Gou et al., (pdf file, 1545 kB) Phys. Lett. B 741, 305 (2015)
    nucl-ex/1408.1909 DOI 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.12.059
  • "Measurement of the analyzing power in proton-proton elastic scattering at small angles"
    Z.Bagdasarian et al., (pdf file, 407 kB) Phys. Lett. B 739, 152 (2014)
  • "Absence of spin dependence in the final state interaction of the d(pol)p->He3 eta reaction"
    M.Papenbrock et al., (pdf file, 155 kB) Phys. Lett. B 734, 333 (2014)
  • "Isospin effects in the exclusive d(pol)p->He3 pi+ pi- reaction"
    M.Mielke et al., (pdf file, 374 kB) Eur. Phys. J. A 50, 102 (2014)
  • "First measurements of spin correlations in the pol{n}pol{p} -> d\pi^0 reaction"
    V.Shmakova et al., (pdf file, 157 kB) Phys. Lett. B 726, 634 (2013)
  • Excitation of the Delta (1232) isobar in deuteron charge exchange on hydrogen at 1.6, 1.8, and 2.3 GeV"
    D.Mchedlishvili et al., Phys. Lett. B 726, 145 (2013)
  • Measurement of spin observables in the quasi-free np->{pp}_s pi- reaction at 353 MeV
    S.Dymov et al., Phys. Rev. C 88, 014001 (2013)
  • "The production of K+K- pairs in proton-proton collisions below the phi-meson threshold
    Qiujian Ye et al., Phys. Rev. C 87, 065203 (2013)
  • Results from the spin programme at COSY-ANKE
    A.Kacharava and C.Wilkin, (pdf file, 514 kB)
    Nuclear Physics News (NuPECC) Vol. 23, No.2 (2013)
  • The neutron-proton charge-exchange amplitudes measured in the dp->ppn reaction
    D.Mchedlishvili et al., (pdf file, 1661 kB)
    Eur. Phys. J. A 49 (2013), 49); DOI 10.1140/epja/i2013-13049-0
  • The polarised H and D atomic beam source for ANKE at COSY-Juelich
    M.Mikirtychyants et al., (Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 721, p. 83-89, (2013)
    DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2013.03.043
  • A new determination of the mass of the eta meson at COSY-ANKE
    P.Goslawski et al., (Phys. Rev. D 85, 112011 (2012).
  • The production of K+K- pairs in proton-proton collisions at 2.83 GeV;
    Qiujian Ye et al., Phys. Rev. C 85, 035211 (2012).
  • Momentum dependence of the phi-meson nuclear transparency
    M.Hartmann, Yu.Kiselev, A.Polyanskiy, E.Paryev et al., Phys. Rev. C 85, 035206 (2012).
  • Differential cross section and analysing power of of the pp->{pp}s pi0 reaction at 353 MeV
    D.Tsirkov et al., PLB 712, 370-374 (2012)
  • Differential cross section and analysing power of of the quasi-free pn->{pp}s pi- reaction at 353 MeV
    S.Dymov et al., PLB 712, 375-380 (2012)
  • Comparison of inclusive K+ production in proton-proton and proton-neutron collisions
    Yu.Valdau et al., Phys. Rev. C 84, 055207 (2011).
  • The measuerement of the pp->K+n Sigma(+) reaction near threshold
    Yu.Valdau and C.Wilkin, Phys. Lett. B: 696, 23-25 (2011).
  • Measurement of the in-medium Phi-meson width in proton-nucleus collisions
    A.Polyanskiy et al., Phys. Lett. B: 695, 74-77 (2011).
  • Energy dependence of hard bremsstrahlung production in proton-proton collisions in the Delta(1232) region;
    D. Tsirkov et al., J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 37 (2010) 105005.
  • The Energy dependence of the pp->K+n Sigma(+) reaction close to threshold
    Yu. Valdau et al., Phys. Rev. C 81, 045208 (2010)
  • Deuteron breakup pd-->{pp}sn with forward emission of a fast 1S0 diproton
    S. Dymov et al., (pdf file, 1217 kB); Phys. Rev. C 81, 044001 (2010)
  • High precision beam momentum determination in a synchrotron using a spin-resonance method
    P.Goslawski et al.,
    Phys. Rev. ST-AB, 13, 022803 (2010)
  • Precision study of the dp->3He eta reaction for excess energies between 20 and 60 MeV
    T.Rausmann et al., Phys. Rev. C 80, 017001 (2009)
  • Measurement of the isospin-filtering dd->He4 K+K- reaction at Q=39 MeV
    X.Yuan et al., Eur. Phys. J. A42, 1-6 (2009)
  • Polarizing a stored proton beam by spin flip ?
    D.Oellers et al., PLB 674, 269-275 (2009)
  • Observation of an ABC effect in proton-proton collisions
    S.Dymov et al., PRL 102, 192301 (2009)
  • Measurement of the pn->dK+K- total cross section close to threshold
    Y.Maeda et al., Phys. Rev. C79, 018201 (2009)
    (pdf file, 138 kB); nucl-ex/0811.4303
  • The dp->ppn reaction as a method to study neutron-proton charge-exchange amplitudes
    D.Chiladze et al., Eur. Phys. J. A40, 23 (2009)
  • Machine studies for the development of storage cells at the ANKE facility of COSY
    K.Grigoryev et al., NIM A 599, 130 (2009)
  • Coupled-channel effects in the pp->pp K+K- reaction
    A.Dzyuba et al., PLB 668, 315-318 (2008)
  • Observation of inverse diproton photodisintegration at intermediate energies
    V.Komarov et al., PRL 101, 102501 (2008)
  • Interpretation of KKbar pair production in pp collisions
    A.Dzyuba et al., Eur. Phys. J A38,1 (2008)
  • Determination of target thickness and luminosity from beam energy losses
    (pdf file, 334 kB); H.J. Stein et al., Phys. Rev. ST-AB, 11, 052801 (2008)
  • Energy dependence of forward 1S0 diproton production in the pp -> pp pi0 reaction
    V.Kurbatov et al.,PLB 661, 22-27 (2008)
    (pdf file, 185 kB); nucl-ex/0712.1186
  • Lineshape of the lambda(1405) hyperon measured through its Sigma(0)pi0 decay
    I. Zychor et al., PLB 660, 167-171 (2008)
    (ps file, 368 kB) nucl-ex/0705.1039
  • Kaon pair production in proton-proton collisions
    Y.Maeda et al., Phys. Rev. C77, 015204 (2008)
    (pdf file, 255 kB) nucl-ex/0710.1755
  • Is there an eta-3He quasi-bound state ?
    C.Wilkin et al., PLB 654, 92-96 (2007)
    (ps file, 338 kB) nucl-ex/0707.1489
  • Energy dependence of the pp->K+n Sigma(+) reaction near threshold
    Yu.Valdau et al., PLB 652, 245-249 (2007)
    (pdf file, 146 kB) nucl-ex/0703044
  • Precision study of the eta-3He system using dp->3He eta reaction
    T.Mersmann et al., PRL 98, 242301 (2007)
    (pdf file, 203 kB) nucl-ex/0701072
  • Investigation of the reaction pp->pK0pi+Lambda in search of the pentaquark
    M.Nekipelov et al., J.Phys.G, 34, 627 (2007)
    (pdf file, 361 kB) nucl-ex/0610026
  • Study of omega-meson production in pp collisions at ANKE
    S.Barsov et al., Eur. Phys. J. A31, 95 (2007)
    (pdf file, 301 kB) nucl-ex/0609010
  • Dynamics of 1S0 diproton formation in the pd-->{pp}sn and pN-->{pp}spi reactions in the GeV region
    Yu. Uzikov et al., Phys. Rev. C 75, 014008 (2007)
    pdf file, 261 kB or nucl-th/0611006
  • Precision measurement of the quasi-free pn -> d phi reaction close to threshold
    Y.Maeda et al., PRL 97, 142301 (2006)
    (pdf file, 162 kB) nucl-ex/0607001
  • Scalar-isovector KK(bar) production close to threshold
    A.Dzyuba et al., Eur. Phys. J. A29, 245 (2006)
    (pdf file, 1003 kB) nucl-ex/0605030
  • The Near-Threshold Production of phi Mesons in pp Collisions
    M.Hartmann et al., PRL 96, 242301 (2006)
    (ps file, 347 kB) hep-ex/0604010
  • Vector and tensor analysing powers in deuteron-proton breakup reactions at intermediate energies
    D.Chiladze et al., PLB 637, 170-175 (2006)
    (pdf file, 160 kB) nucl-ex/0601038
  • Production of the 1S0 diproton in the pp -> (pp)pi0 reaction at 0.8 GeV
    S.Dymov et al.,PLB 635,270-274 (2006)
    (pdf file, 2261 kB) nucl-ex/0512035
  • Determination of Deuteron Beam Polarization at COSY
    D.Chiladze et al., Phys. Rev. ST-AB, 9, 050101 (2006)
    (pdf file, 1341 kB) nucl-ex/0511052
  • The control system of the polarized internal target of ANKE at COSY
    H.Kleines et al., NIM A, 560 503 (2006)
    pdf file, 738 kB
  • Evidence for an Excited Hyperon State in pp -> p K+ Y0*,
    I.Zychor et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 0123002 (2006)
    pdf file, 270 kB or nucl-ex/0506014
  • a0+(980)-resonance production in the reaction pp -> dpi+eta close to the K(bar(K)) threshold
    P.Fedorets et al., Yad. Fiz. 69, No.2, (2006), 306
    pdf file, 812 kB or nucl-ex/0501027
  • Near threshold eta meson production in the dd -> 4He eta reaction
    A.Wronska et al., Eur. Phys. J. A26, 421 (2005)
    pdf file, 469 kB nucl-x/0510056
  • The K--alpha scattering length and the reaction dd -> alpha K+ K-
    V.Grishina et al., Eur. Phys. J. A 25, 159 (2005)
    pdf file, 131 kB or nucl-th/0503076
  • Background reduction by a getter pump around the ionization volume of a Lamb-shift polarimeter and possible improvements of polarized ion sources
    R.Engels et al., Rev. Sc. Instruments, 76, 053305 (2005)
    pdf file, 207 kB

  • Measurement of the analyzing power in p(pol)p -> (pp)n with a fast forward 1S0-diproton
    S.Yaschenko et al., Phys.Rev.Lett., 94, 072304 (2005)
    pdf file, 335 kB or nucl-ex/0407018
  • Determination of the K0(bar)d scattering length from the reaction pp -> d K+K0(bar)
    A.Sibirtsev et al., Phys.Lett. B 601, 132 (2004)
    pdf file, 163 kB or nucl-th/0406061
  • Inclusive K+-meson production proton-nucleus interactions
    M.Büscher et al., Eur.Phys.J. A 22, 301 (2004)
    pdf file, 644 kB or nucl-ex/0401031
  • Near threshold production of a a0(980)-mesons in the reaction pp -> d K+K0(bar)
    V.Grishina et al., Eur.Phys.J. A 21, 507 (2004)
    pdf file, 371 kB or nucl-th/0402093
  • Spectator Detection for the Measurement of Proton-Neutron Interactions at ANKE
    I.Lehmann et al., NIM A, 530 275 (2004)
    pdf file, 414 kB
  • Near-threshold production of omega mesons in the pn -> domega reaction,
    S.Barsov et al., Eur.Phys.J. A 21, 521 (2004)
    pdf file, 243 kB or nucl-ex/0305031
  • The forward detector of the ANKE spectrometer.
    Tracking system and its use in data analysis,
    S.Dymov et al., Particles and Nuclei, Letters 2, 40 (2004) pdf file, 457; kB
  • a0+(980)-resonance production in pp -> d K+K0(bar) reactions close to threshold,
    V.Kleber et al., Phys.Rev.Lett., 91, 172304 (2003)
    pdf file, 275 kB or nucl-ex/0304020
  • A precision Lamb-shift polarimeter for polarized atomic and ion beams,
    R.Engels et al., Rev. Sc. Instr., Vol. 74, Issue 11, 4607 (2003)
    pdf file, 395 kB
  • Observation of K+d correlations from pA collisions,
    V.Koptev et al., Eur.Phys.J. A 17, 235 (2003)
    gzipped ps file, 182 kB
  • The reaction pd -> (pp)n at high momentum transfer and short range NN properties,
    J.Haidenbauer and Yu.Uzikov, Phys.Lett.B 562, 227 (2003)
    pdf file, 143 kB or nucl-th/0302063
  • Proton-induced deuteron breakup at GeV energies with forward emission of a fast proton pair,
    V.Komarov et al., Phys.Lett.B, 553, 179 (2003)
    gzipped pdf file, 154 kB or nucl-th/0210017
  • K+ production in proton-nucleus reactions and the role of momentum-dependent potentials
    Z.Rudy et al., Eur.Phys.J. A 15, 303 (2002)
    ps file, 225 kB or nucl-th/0201069
  • Near-threshold production of a0(980)-mesons in piN and NN collisions and a0/f0 mixing
    L.A.Kondratyuk et al., Phys. of Atom.Nucl. (Yad.Fiz.) 66, No.1, (2003) 152
    pdf file, 154 kB or nucl-th/0207033
  • Production of a0-mesons in pp and pn reactions,
    E.L.Bratkovskaya et al., J.Phys.G, 28, 2423 (2002)
    gzipped ps file, 294 kB or nucl-th/0107071
  • Evidence of kaon nuclear and Coulomb potential effects on soft K+ production from nuclei
    M.Nekipelov et al., Phys.Lett.B, 540, 207 (2002)
    ps file, 89 kB or nucl-ex/0202021
  • Multiwire proportional chamber with a dielectric film. Numerical study,
    JINR Communication E13-2002-14 (2002)
    gzipped ps file, 468 kB
  • Singlet-to-triplet ratio in the deuteron breakup reaction pd -> pnp at 585 MeV,
    Yu.Uzikov and V.I.Komarov, F.Rathmann, H.Seyfarth, Phys.Lett.B 524, 303 (2002)
    gzipped ps file, 81 kB or nucl-th/0110038
  • Spin-Triplet Final-State Dominance in the pp -> pn pi+ reaction at 492 MeV,
    V.Abaev et al., Phys.Lett.B 521, 158 (2001)
    gzipped ps file, 121 kB or nucl-ex/0105002
  • Production of a0+-mesons in the reaction pp -> da0+
    H. Müller, Eur.Phys.J. A 11, 113 (2001)
  • a0(980)-f0(980) mixing and isospin violation in the reactions pN -> da0, pd -> 3He/3H a0 and dd -> 4He a0
    V.Yu. Grishina et al., Phys.Lett.B 521, 217 (2001)
    gzipped ps file, 117 kB or nucl-th/0103081
  • Phenomenological analysis of K+-meson production in proton-nucleus collisions,
    M. Büscher et al., Phys.Rev.C, 65, 014603 (2002)
    gzipped ps file, 119 kB or nucl-ex/0107011
  • Electro-mechanical properties of narrow-gap multiwire proportional chambers,
    A.Yu.Petrus and B.Zh.Zalikhanov, NIM A, 485 399 (2002)
  • Identification of K+-Mesons from Subthreshold pA Collisions with ANKE at COSY-Jülich,
    M. Büscher et al., NIM A 481, 378 (2002)
    gzipped ps file, 320 kB
  • Model Independent Analysis of the Neutron-Proton Final-State Interaction Region in the pp -> pn pi+ reaction,
    Yu.Uzikov and C.Wilkin, Phys.Lett. B 511, 191 (2001)
    gzipped ps file, 114 kB or nucl-th/0104016
  • Forward K+-Production in Subthreshold pA Collisions at 1.0 GeV,
    V.Koptev et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 87, 022301 (2001)
    gzipped ps file, 273 kB or nucl-ex/0105008
  • Medium effects in the production and pi-gamma decay of omega mesons in pA collisions in the GeV region,
    Ye.S. Golubeva et al., Eur.Phys.J. A 11, 237 (2001)
    gzipped ps file, 255 kB or nucl-th/0103082
  • ANKE, a New Facility for Medium Energy Hadron Physics at COSY-Jülich,
    S. Barsov et al., NIM A 462, 364 (2001)
  • Application and methodological improvements to the floating-wire technique to characterize the magnetic properties of a spectrometer dipole,
    J. Stein et al., Rev. of Scient. Instr. 72, 2003 (2001)
  • 24 Segment High Field Permanent Sextupole Magnets,
    A. Vassiliev et al., Rev. of Scient. Instr. 71, 3331 (2000)
    gzipped ps file, 884 kB
  • Production of a0-mesons in the reactions pi N -> a0 N and pp -> d a0+ at GeV energies,
    V.Yu. Grishina et al., Eur.Phys.J. A 9, 277 (2000) or nucl-th/0007074
  • Eta- and eta'-Meson Production in the Reaction pn -> dM near Threshold,
    V.Yu. Grishina, L.A.Kondratyuk, M.Büscher, J.Haidenbauer, C.Hanhart, J.Speth, Phys.Lett. B 475 , 9 (2000)
    gzipped ps file, 88 kB
  • Near-Threshold omega- and phi-Meson Production in pn -> dM Reactions and OZI-Rule Violation,
    V.Yu.Grishina, L.A.Kondratyuk, and M.Büscher, Phys. of Atom.Nucl. (Yad.Fiz.) 63, No.10, (2000) 1824
  • Beam test of Cherenkov Counter Prototypes for the ZDF setup,
    A.Kacharava et al., NIM A 376, 356 (1996)
  • Are missing-mass measurements the key for understanding subthreshold particle production?
    H. Müller, Z.Phys. A 355, 223 (1996)
  • K+-Meson Production in pBe Interactions at Tp=2.9 GeV,
    M.Büscher, et al., Z.Phys. A 355, 93 (1996)
    gzipped ps file, 103 kB
  • K--Meson Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions,
    A.Sibirtsev, M.Büscher, H.Müller Z.Phys. A 351, 333 (1995)
  • Fast Deuteron Production in Proton-Nucleus Interactions,
    M.Büscher, A.A.Sibirtsev, K.Sistemich, Z.Phys. A 350, 161 (1994)
    gzipped ps file, 25 kB
  • Subthreshold K+ Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions,
    A.Sibirtsev, M.Büscher, Z.Phys. A 347, 191 (1994)
  • K+ Production in Proton-Nuclear Interactions from
    Be, C, Cu, Sn, Pb in the Energy range from 800 MeV to 1000 MeV,
    N.K. Abrosimov et al., Preprint PNPI 1146 (in Russian), Leningrad (1985) pdf file 6982 kB;
    Sov. Phys. JETP 67(11) (1988), (in English)
    pdf file, 4443 kB

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