ANKE Collaboration

Apparatus for Studies of Nucleon and KaonEjectiles

Articles for the IKP annual report 2004

Highlights IKP (DRAFT, 03/03/2005, 8.0 MB)
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Some articles about ANKE for the main part (incomplete list!)

Investigation of the a0(980)/f0(980) resonances in pp and pn interactions with ANKE
The reaction pp -> d pi+eta measured at ANKE
K-alpha scattering length, the problem of K--helium bound states and the reaction dd -> alpha K+ K-
Evidence of an excited hyperon state in pp -> pK+Y0*
Simulation of the reaction pp -> d pi+eta for WASA
Observation of hydrogen and nitrogen pellets at the ANKE pellet target
A New Geant4 based simulation framework for ANKE

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