ANKE Collaboration

Apparatus for Studies of Nucleon and KaonEjectiles

Articles for the IKP annual report 2008

Highlights of IKP (31/01/2009 )
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FINAL articles about the ANKE for the main part
Final State Interaction (FSI) in kaon pair productin
Subthreshold and near-threshold charged kaon pair production in proton-nucleus collisions
Bound kaonic nuclear states with ANKE/COSY
Two pion production study in pp interaction at ANKE
The cross section of the reaction pp->{pp}gamma in the Delta-isobar region
Neutron-proton charge-exchange amplitudes at 585 MeV
Cross section determination for the dd -> 4He K+ K- reaction with ANKE
Energy dependence of the pp -> K+ n Sigma+ production at ANKE
np->d omega experiment at ANKE (status)
Di-proton identification with positive detector system of ANKE
Deuteron breakup pd->{pp}n at GeV energies with forward emission of the {pp}s diproton
Energy dependence of the cross section for pp->{pp}s gamma at intermediate energies at ANKE
Amplitude analysis of the reaction pp -> d K+ K0 near threshold
A measurement of deuteron breakup at 49 MeV using ANKE Silicon Tracking Telescope
Status of the polarized internal target (PIT) for spin-filtering studies at COSY and AD
Precision spectroscopy of hydrogen with Lamb-shift polarimeter
A versatile setup for studies of tracking and particle identification with drift chambers and GEM amplification stages
COSY beam calibration within the eta mass measurement at COSY-ANKE

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