ANKE Collaboration

Apparatus for Studies of Nucleon and KaonEjectiles

Articles for the IKP annual report 2003

Overview article ANKE (final)
First results on K+ Production in pD Interactions from ANKE (final)
Investigation of the a0+(980) Resonance in the Reaction pp -> d K+K0-bar at ANKE (final)
Near-threshold Production of a0(980) Mesons in the Reaction NN -> d K K-bar (final)
Investigation of the a0+(980) Resonance in the Reaction pp -> d pi+eta (final)
f0(980) and a0(980) Production in the Reaction dd -> 4He X (final)
Measurement of the Reaction dd -> 4He eta Close to Threshold at ANKE (final)
Sigma(1480) Production in 2.83 GeV p+p Collisions (final)
Near Threshold Production of omega Mesons in the pn -> d omega Reaction (final)
Investigation of the Reaction pd -> pspec d pi0 at ANKE (final)
Measurement of the Reaction pd -> pspec d eta at ANKE (final)
Determination of the Interaction Point at ANKE Using a Spectator Detector (final)
Readout of silicon detector telescopes with a new frontend chip (final)
NN (1S0) Pairs in 3He and in p3He Backward Elastic Scattering (final)
Installations for the Use of the Polarized Atomic Beam Source at the Internal Storage-Cell Gas Target of ANKE and for Polarized Cell-Gas Studies outside the COSY Ring (final)
The Lamb Shift Polarimeter for the Polarized Internal Target (PIT) at ANKE (final)
Deflector and Wienfilter for the Lamb-Shift Polarimeter (final)
A motorized two-arm XY translater system for storage-cell positioning and prototype tests for the polarized internal target of ANKE (final)
Hydrogen and Nitrogen Droplet Production with the ANKE Pellet Target (final)

Experiments at external facilities (PSI)

Performance of CCD22 detectors in exotic atom X-ray measurements (final)
Pionic atom research (final)

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