ANKE Collaboration

Apparatus for Studies of Nucleon and KaonEjectiles

Articles for the IKP annual report 2001

Status report ANKE (final)
Effects of Coulomb and kaon nuclear potentials on soft K+ production from nuclei (final)
Phenomenological analysis of K+-Meson Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions (final)
Investigation of the a0+(980) Resonance at ANKE (final)
Near threshold production of a0-mesons in the reactions pp->ppK+K- and pp->pnK+K0: Is the a0(980) a qq(bar) state or a threshold cusp? (final)
Measuring the life-time of a0-mesons by their excitation function in pN reactions (final)
Efficiency of the second scintillator plane of the ANKE forward detector (final)
Observation of the deuteron breakup pd -> (pp)s+nbackward with a forward emitted S-wave proton pair (final)
Momentum correlation of fast particles recorded in the ANKE forward detector (final)
Determination of the ANKE forward detector MWPC efficiency (final)
Beam-polarization measurement for the ANKE deuteron break-up experiment (final)
Singlet-to-triplet ratio in the deuteron-breakup reaction pd -> pnp at 585 MeV (final)
Identifcation of deuterons with high momenta at ANKE (final)
Model-independent analysis of the neutron-proton final-state interaction region in the pp->pnpi+ reaction (final)
Spin-triplet final-state dominance in the pp->pnpi+ reaction at 492 MeV (final)
Luminosities at ANKE using foil targets (final)
Luminosity determination via pp elastic scattering for the ANKE beam time on a0+ production (final)
Test of the luminosity determination procedure for the ANKE beam time on a0+ production (final)
Determination of effective target thickness and luminosity from energy loss at the ANKE cluster target (final)
Luminosity determination for the deuteron breakup experiment (final)
Diffraction pd-scattering at COSY energies (final)
Beam properties of the ANKE atomic beam source (final)
Status of the Lamb-shift polarimeter for the polarized target at ANKE (final)
Nuclear polarization of hydrogen molecules from recombination of polarized atoms (final)
The nuclear polarization of molecules from recombined polarized hydrogen and deuterium gas atoms. New measurements in the framework of an International Science and Technology Center project (final)
Hydrogen droplet production with the ANKE pellet target (final)
Study of liquid hydrogen jet properties close to triple-point conditions (final)
The ANKE Silicon Spectator Tracker ASiST (final)
A flexible printed board for the ASiST chip readout (final)
Experimental results from an ASiST prototype (final)
Current status of the photon-detector project for ANKE/COSY (final)
Detection of charged particles with PbWO4 (final)
An improved gas mixture for the side-detector wire chamber at ANKE (final)
Measurement of the wire tension in MWPCs (final)
Investigation of the Phi-meson production in pp and pn collisions at ANKE (final)
The cross-section estimate for non-resonant K+K- production in pn collisions (final)
Simulations of the dd -> alpha eta reaction at ANKE (final)
Spin effects in the deuteron charge-exchange break-up reaction dp -> (pp)n (final)

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