Events & news

April 2024. The group visits Laboratori Nationali Frascati and Laboratori Nationali Gran Sasso, Italy.

February 2024. The group in the JUNO underground labs.

November 2023. The group in a snowy day at Monschau

October 2023. Liva, Pedro, and Cristobal at the Cerro El Morro in Arica, Chile.

September 2023. Yury, Mariam, and Luca at the Matter and Unverse 2023 day.

July 2023. Livia, Kaku, Yury, Cristobal, and Marco at Chikan for Summer Collaboration Meeting.

July 2023. Juno detector under construction!

February 2023. Group at JUNO site!

December 2022. Cornelius and Ricky at JUNO site!

October 2022. Congratulations to Alex on his doctoral thesis!

May 2022. The group hiking in Belgium.

May 2022. Congratulations to Philipp on his Doctoral thesis and Postdoctoral position. He finally gets his hat!

April 2022. Congratulations to Anita on her Master thesis!

December 2021. Borexino Collaboration Meeting at Gran Sasso, Italy.

January 2021. Cultural hangouts resume online with Oemer's presentation about Turkey!

January 18-19 2021. JUNO offline & MC problems workshop, organised by our group, was attended by more than 30 participant from several European groups.

December 2020. Workplace christmas events are still possible this year!

October 5 - 7 2020. The yearly meeting of the DFG Research Unit ‚ÄúDetermination of the Hierarchy of Neutrino Masses with the JUNO-Experiment‚ÄĚ was this year organized by our group at the grounds of FZJ. A very unusual meeting but still very productive amidst strict corona measures.

August 2020. Congratulations to Mariia on her doctoral thesis!

June 2020. Travel is not really possible this year, but many physicists (including members from the Borexino collaboration seen in this picture) still meet in the virtual reality rooms of the Neutrino2020 conference!
(link to the conference)

November 2019. Congratulations to Christoph on his doctoral thesis!

October 2019, the first dedicated "Team-building" trip. Porto, Portugal.

Tag der Neugier 2019! Scientific outreach event of the entire Forschungszentrum.

Visit of Fabio Mantovani and Virginia Strati to work on the Borexino geoneutrino analysis.

June 2018, Borexino geoneutrino analysis meeting.

Cultural hangouts

Regular cultural hangouts to get to know each other and each other's cultures better
Wednesdays, 17:00

Winter Seminar 2018

Annual Winter Seminar, organised by RWTH Aachen
17-24 February 2018

Participants: 25 participants (3 internal)

Seminar of the Graduate School Particle and Astro-Particle Physics

Thierry Lasserre, presenting "Sterile Neutrinos and Dark Matter"
for the Seminar of the Graduate School Particle and Astro-Particle Physics at RWTH Aachen
14 November 2017

Setting up new JUNO GNA working group with JINR Dubna

7-9 June 2017

GNA is the "Global Neutrino Analysis" framework. Hands on exercises and dicussions on each individual's task were performed during these 3 days.
Participants: 6 participants (4 internal), among which 2 tutors from Russia (Dmitry Naumov, Treskov Konstantin)

Borexino solar analysis meeting

23-27 January 2017

Participants: 17 participants (4 internal)

The first European JUNO sofware and analysis meeting at IKP-2

6-8 April 2016

The first kick-off meeting starting the coordination among European groups in the JUNO analysis and software development.
Participants: 28 participants (3 internal), among which 3 tutors from China (Miao He, Jiaheng Zou, Ziyan Deng)