The IKP-2 Neutrino Group was established by the recruitment of Livia Ludhova as the head of the group in November 2015. Thanks to the funds from the recruitment initiative of Helmholtz Association, the group has significantly increased in size. Currently, the group has two postdoctoral researchers and five doctoral students.

Latest news

  • JUNO got featured in Nature news again.
  • Ujwal Konissery Santhosh M.Sc. joined the group on March 18th as a PhD student.
  • On April 19th the team visited the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso near Assergi, Italy.
  • Ze Chen M.Sc. joined the group on May 2nd as a PhD student.

The main interest of the group is in the low-energy neutrino physics based on liquid scintillator detection techniques.



  • Solar neutrinos
  • Geoneutrinos
  • Rare processes
  • Neutrino mass hierarchy
  • Reactor antineutrinos
  • Neutrino oscillation physics
  • Geoneutrinos
  • Solar neutrinos
  • Atmospheric neutrinos
  • Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
  • Supernovae neutrinos
  • Rare processes

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