Participation in Summer Schools


[13 June - 23 June] ISOTDAQ 2022- International School of Trigger and Data AcQuisition - Catania, Italy
Participants: Ricky

[May 15 - May 20] INFN School of Statistics 2022 - Paestum, Italy
Participants: Apeksha, Conrelius, Luca, Mariam, Nikhil.


[22 July-30 July] ISAPP 2021 Valencia “Neutrino Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology” (Valencia, Spain)
Participants: Ricky

[Jun 28- Jul 2] The 1st INFN International School on Underground Physics (SoUP 2021) (Virtual)
Participants: Alex, Mariam, Sindhu


[Jul 2-12] Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth (Ferrara, Italy)
Participants: Sindhu, Dong

[May 21- Jun 1] 11th International Neutrino Summer School (Mainz, Germany)
Participants: Mariia, Ömer, Philipp

[Feb 19-23] "Terascale Statistics School" (Hamburg, Germany)
Participants: Michaela


[Aug 20-Sep 1] "VII International Pontecorvo Neutrino Physics School" (Prague, Czech Republic)
Participants: Yaping

[Jul 1-9] "Chinese Academy of Sciences Center for Excellence in Particle Physics (CCEPP) Summer School 2017 on Neutrino Physics" (Shenzhen, China)
Participants: Yu

[Jun 26-30] "Advanced Programming Concepts" (Hamburg, Germany)
Participants: Michaela

Co-organised Summer Schools


[Sep 24-28] "Hadron Physics Summer School (HPSS 2018)" (Juelich, Germany)

[Jul 2-12] "Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth" (Ferrara, Italy)


[Jul 11-21] "Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth" (L'Aquila, Italy)