The Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) is a neutrino experiment under construction near Jiangmen, China. Its main component is a spherical 20 kiloton liquid scintillator detector in a 700m deep underground lab. The experiment is designed for the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy by measuring oscillation effects of neutrinos from two nearby nuclear power plants. In addition to that JUNO has the potential to increase the precision of already measured oscillation parameters and it can give a major contribution in the field of geoneutrinos. Astrophysical measurements of solar and supernova neutrinos are also part of the physics programme.

The JUNO working group at IKP is currently focused on the software part of the detector development. This includes the simulation of data sets, algorithms for event and signal reconstruction and analysis studies of the physics potential. The results of those studies influence the detector design and can provide possible improvements since it is still under construction. Therefore the group is also directly involved in hardware development by working closely with the RWTH Aachen group on setting up a PMT test stand. This allows the verification and improvement of the previously developed electronics simulation.

Main research at IKP:

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