Hadron Physics Summer School

HPSP 2012 / HPSS 2012


The school will start on Monday morning and end on Friday noon. Each day there will be morning lectures and working groups in the afternoon. The goal for each working group is to prepare a proposal based on selected experiments approved or planned for COSY/ELSA/FAIR. The working groups will present their results on Friday.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:45 Welcome Exp. Methods II (Wolke) Exp. Methods III (Wolke) EDM (Pretz) Presentations
10:00-10:45 Theory I (Hanhart) Theory III (Feng-Kun Guo) Theory IV (Wirzba) Laser Plasma (Buescher/Holler) Presentations
11:00-11:45 Accelerator (Lehrach) Polarization (Brinkmann) Theory V (Rusetsky) Trans.Form Fac. (Prencipe) Presentations
13:30-14:15 Exp. Methods I (Wolke) Working Groups Working Groups Working Groups Presentations
14:30-15:15 Theory II (Hanhart) Working Groups Working Groups Working Groups Presentations
15:15 Coffee
15:45-16:30 FAIR/PANDA (Stockmanns) COSY Tour Working Groups Working Groups
16:45-17:30 Working Groups COSY Tour Working Groups Working Groups
Evening Dinner Dinner/BBQ Dinner/Hike Dinner

The lectures are 45 min with a 15 min break afterwards. Dinner usually starts at 18:30. The remaining free time in the evenings may be used by the working groups. The school ends Friday after the working group presentations.

Lecture download (password protected):

Theory I,II

Theory III

Theory IV_EDM

Theory V

Exp.Methods I,II,III




Laser Plasma


Trans.Form Factors

Working groups presentations (password protected):

The results of the working groups which were presented on Friday.

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