Workshop topics include (PRELIMINARY version):

General subjects
  • Fundamental Research & Applications in Particle and Nuclear Physics
  • Accelerator Research and Applications in Medicine
  • Atmospheric Sciences and Environment
  • Medical Imaging and Radionuclides for Life Sciences
  • Machine Learning and Image Analysis
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Symmetries in Subatomic Physics
  • Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology
  • Electic Dipole Moment (EDM) Searches
  • Precision Experiments
  • Medical Applications
  • Engineering for Frontier Science
  • Atmospheric Research
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate
  • Physical and Analytical Chemistry
  • Aerosols in Atmosphere
  • Numerical Schemes and Modeling
  • Atmospheric Forecast Model Development
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Medical Imaging and Biomarkers
  • Introduction to MRI and PET
  • Advanced MRI Methods
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Radionuclide Production

Satellite topical lecturing/training courses for students