Topics will include:

  • Symmetries in Subatomic Physics (T- and CP- Violations)
  • Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology
  • Electic Dipole Moment (EDM) Searches (e.g. JEDI project)
  • Engineering Sciences (Simulation, Instrumentation, Electronics)
  • Medical Applications
2. SMART|AtmoSim_Lab
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate
  • Physical and Analytical Chemistry
  • Aerosols in Atmosphere
  • Regional Atmospheric Forecast Model Development
  • Numerical Schemes and Modeling
3. SMART|BioMed_Lab
  • Nuclear Medicine and Chemistry
  • Medical Imaging and Biomarkers
  • Introduction to PET
  • Radionuclide Production
  • Introduction to MRI
  • Hardware Considerations
  • Quantitative MRI
  • Complementary Imaging Methods: Hybrid MRI-PET

Satellite topical lecturing/training courses for students at AUG, ISU, GTU