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During the 1999 collaboration meeting the following release policy has been agreed on:

Only final results should be published. For contributions to conferences one or at maximum two intermediate results of analyses may be used. It is considered to be important that there are not too many intermediate results ``on the market''.
If any so far unpublished data from ANKE shall be used for publication the spokesperson has to be informed prior to publication. He will make the draft public within the collaboration (e.g. via www) and everybody may make comments or may contribute to the publication.
If it is planned that a member of the collaboration gives a talk during a conference/workshop the spokesperson should be informed in time so that he can distribute this information within the collaboration. Only data which has been agreed on within the collaboration may be presented. It is suggested that preferably young colleagues give talks at conferences.
So far there have been four conference contributions on the results of first measurements (available via www). The authors' list includes those persons which were most actively involved in getting the data. In addition the ANKE collaboration is referred to (``for the ANKE collaboration'') including the address of the ANKE home page where the full list of collaborators can be found. Future papers on technical developments could be handled in the same way. There will also be a first ``big'' publication with the full collaboration list as the authors.

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